Privacy Policy

I.N.O. (“the Company”) shall make every effort to strive for the appropriate management of personal information and for its appropriate use.

1.  Applicable scope
This Privacy Policy shall apply when you use the Company’s services.。

2.  Compliance with law, etc.
The Company shall comply with relevant laws, government ordinances, and guidelines in the handling of personal information.

3.  Internal systems
The Company shall have a Chief Personal Data Controller, and shall provide a management system for the handling of personal information.

4.  Acquisition of personal information
When acquiring personal information, the Company shall do so by fair and appropriate means.

5.  Management of personal data
(1)  As well as managing personal information appropriately, the Company shall take the utmost care in the prevention of the loss, divulgence, or tampering with personal information.
(2)  The Company shall define elsewhere the period for the retention of personal information in accordance with the purposes of its use, and after the expiry of that period shall employ an appropriate method for its disposal.

6.  Compliance with purposes of use
(1)  The Company shall use personal information within the scope of its purposes of use.
(2)  Where the Company’s use of personal information goes beyond the purposes of use, the Company shall notify you as the principal to that effect and obtain confirmation of your wishes in advance.

7.  Supervision of outsourcees
When the Company delegates the handling of personal information, it shall take the required and appropriate steps to ensure that personal information is managed securely at the outsourcee.

8.  Disclosure or correction, etc. of personal information
The Company shall deal appropriately with matters such as inquiries about your personal information and its correction in accordance with a defined procedure for that personal information.

9.  Ongoing improvements
The Company shall implement regular audits and shall continually review and improve company regulations and internal systems to ensure that personal information is appropriately protected.

For inquiries, please contact the officer in charge of I.N.O.’s personal information protection.
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