Mission Statements

Japan is currently confronting changes in its social structure such as ageing, falling population, and globalisation. For Japanese businesses to survive and grow in this environment, they have to frame and implement appropriate global strategies. INO assists customers to maximise their opportunities to expand business globally from the following points of view:

What does I.N.O. stand for? 

I is for Integrity. The key to doing business overseas is the customer and a relationship of trust with the local community. To build this relationship, you have to have Integrity. Integrity is the framework that is the most fundamental and unswerving principle of individual and corporate conduct. It forms the basis for various decisions and the following actions.

N is for Network. There are limits to what you can achieve on your own as an individual or company. Therefore, in business as it is today, it is essential for people and organisations that have their own strengths to understand the other people’s strengths and to work together. The existence of a Network for creating opportunities to understand yourself and for knowing other people better is most important for achieving this.

O is for Opportunity. Current advances in science are forever reducing the time taken for information transmission and sharing. Given this, you have to grab business opportunities by making the best use of the information (business opportunities) that you can get.
As indicated above, I.N.O. assists the customer with our constructive manner and with a sense of balance by making the best use of our self belief and by making the best use of a record of experience of service business overseas.

I.N.O. provides the customer with the following service menu

1. Consulting and business support
2. Portal (introduction to the information required for business overseas)
3. Research and personnel placements

Overseas locations supported